Commercial Law and Consumer Law

  • Enabling of credits in insolvency proceedings;
  • Consultancy in the most diverse corporate affairs;
  • Administrative collection and enforcement of credit securities;
  • Issues relating to commercial law associated to other branches of legal science, such as civil, labor and tax law;
  • Opinions of legal foundation for commercial enterprises, in order to provide them a peaceful existence, in accordance with the commercial legislation;
  • Wide performance in the area of consumer law;
  • Elaboration and review of commercial, financial, and insurance contracts, terms of warranty and technical assistance, as well as advertising texts, and their adequacy to the Code of Consumer Protection;
  • Preventive performance in conflicts between suppliers and consumers of products and services;
  • Legal action in individual and collective lawsuits of consumers;
  • Participation in general meetings and board meetings of companies, for representation and defense of clients.