Environmental Law

  • Legal advice relating to areas of permanent preservation, environmental audits and sustainable development;
  •  Preliminary study and environmental impact report;
  •  Implementation of the SGA (Environmental Management System);
  •  Legal advice relating to ISO 14000 – environmental standards and licensing (Conama Resolution No. 237);
  • Elaboration of Brazilian and international environmental legislation;
  • Legal advice as to the repair of ecological damage and civil liability, national heritage, zoning and environmental heritage;
  •  Legal advice regarding the Master Plan of Municipalities;
  •  Administrative resources against acts of infringement, administrative embargoes and interdictions;
  • Consultancy and guidance in administrative processes of environmental licensing (prior license, installation license, operating license);
  • Consultancy and defense in public civil suits, popular suits, investigation and environmental crime proceedings, environmental law enforcement investigations and elaboration of terms of adjustment of conducts;
  • Consultancy and guidance on Conservation Units (SNUC) and other related matters.